Heidi Haywood, a Career Coach, tells how the Art of Feminine presence has enhanced her life.

Kerry Posniak – Accupuncturist and ChiGong Teacher speaks about Karen’s Art of Feminine presence One Day Workshop



Kylie Blanchard -  Business Coach,  speaks of her experience at Karen’s One Day Workshop…

“Working with Karen and the Art of Feminine Presence has transformed my daily experience of life. A key realisation for me was that I was operating from a neutral space for much of my day and as a car that is in neutral needs external force to move it, so too did I. I have now tapped into my own feminine energy to power each day and am having a much more vibrant and powerful experience. Life is easier and much more fun and I know that the deeper I go with this work, the more connected and in flow I will become. Thank you so much Karen!!” Jo McNeill, Melbourne

“Working with Karen exploring Feminine presence has been an amazing experience.
Karen is incredibly warm and safe to be around, which allows for such honesty and authenticity.
Spending a couple of hours a week with such like minded women is something I really look forward to and with Karens wise words its great to see the shifts that are unfolding for us all.
I highly recommend Karen’s Feminine Presence workshops for any woman looking to reconnect with herself and explore herself a little deeper.
Thanks again Karen” Sandra Robins, Melbourne

” Thankyou Karen, for showing me the way to peace, harmony and presence.  For once, my mind is still, my heart if full and my body feels alive.  I am comfortable in my skin and it is my intention to use these powerful practices in everyday life. Love and Joy, Kellie ”

“your workshop has really helped me to go inside and appreciate the beauty that is within me” Sharon Dobson, Melbourne

“Life Changing”  Katrina Lawerence Edwards

“A solitary candle can only light up a room in part. Put together a sisterhood of lightened beings and before long you see a constellation of starts lighting up a night sky.
Karen’s workshop and gentle caring facilitation enabled me to walk away with the power of my body breath to shine my light forward. The powerful techniques and meditations has enables a visual, neural and physical response to take place within 24 hours. Her teachings have rippled through my body and I feel my toolbox overflowing with skills to remain in my feminine presence.
Being a corporate woman for 18 years, having a family and running a business, I didn’t realise how much I was running on a fight flight response, and in a conditioned male dominant energy.  I look forward to getting to know myself as a full embodied woman
 Helen Zee : www.fertilecosmos.com – yoga Teacher, personal Trainer and Fertility Coach